You Do NOT Trust Me part 2 (Word of Encouragement)

Now though yes, there definitely maybe too many times to count where we do NOT have trust for the Father to do XYZ in our lives however, what I LOVE about the Father is that during these times, what we can know, is that He knows us, He knows our frame, for He’s the one who created us, He too knows the world we live in etc. Yet, since without faith it is impossible to please Him (Hebrews 11:6) I thank the Father that He does not just allow or permit us to stay in that state. So, what’s so awesome about Him, is that He too, helps to assist our faith.

Praise the Father He has not just left Faith in our hands solely to grow, but thank the Father that He already knows and is the assistant, the helper the author the in-betweener and finisher of our faith. Thank the Father for Holy Spirit who does DO a supernatural work within us, who can convict us, show us us, lead and guide us in and on the right path.

Thus, what’s so encouraging is that though yes, quite often, we may be faithless, praise the Father that He is faithful and cannot deny Himself (2 Timothy. For true is it, that He already knows where we are with our faith, it’s just that many of times we ourselves, haven’t taken the time to see where we are. Yet, the Father sure knows how to get our attention. Therefore, I’m grateful to the Father for the faith building process even during the times when lack of faith is our sin.

Praise the Father that He walks with us and is patient, long suffering and bares long with us not to mention, has His absolute best at heart for us.

Let’s Pray:

Father, I thank You for Your mercy and Your grace that You continue to extend unto us. The mercy in the signs that You show us even when we may have completely no belief, or may have lost the level of it for whatever reason. Oh Father, thank You for the things that you’ll put right dead smack in front of us to the point where we cannot deny that it is You, signs that say how You will do what You will to be done despite. Thank you Father, for Your word found in Philippians 1:6 that tells us: being confident of this very thing that he who has begun a good work in you shall complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. Thank you Father for Your word. Amen.

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