You Do NOT Trust Me

you do not trust me

For you do not trust me, no you don’t, though your words say you do. Because see, if you did trust me your actions and your heart posture would be totally different. For if you did believe then you’d war off doubt, depression, and the lack of the intensity to prepare for that in which you say you’re believing me for. You’d choose to praise me, despite not seeing a hint or clue and your praise would be so radical that it’d literally annihilate every area of doubt and confound every part of flesh in you.

For if you really believed, your inner thoughts, secret compartments of your heart would really line up and faith is all I’d see and instead of you being frustrated when you hear anything spoken about that in which you’ve been so waiting for to happen you’d instead rejoice, because you know it is so, and what I have spoken is not a lie.

For most of you, it’s not that, you’ve never believed, because you have, it’s just that the wait and the time it has taken to manifest what you’ve been believing me for, has almost literally wore you down and out. And it’s that time of things not happening in the timing or when you would’ve thought or hoped for it to happen, it is that which has begun to literally snuff out your belief and cause you to only have sight based upon what you see with your natural eye and hear with only your natural ear. Yet you see, to be in that place, it’s exactly where the enemy would love for you to be, because in unbelief I do NOT produce and the enemy is able to stand, accuse and taunt.

My child, I want you to know, I have heard those things you have mumbled under your breath like the laugh I heard from Sarah and just as I called her out on that likewise, I am calling you out on your lack of trust here. See in order for you to believe with the kind of faith I’d have for you to have, you MUST stay in a faith-filled environment such that, you’d stay elevated in the spirit realm able to see from my perspective and ward off all that tries to contradict My word.

For I know you do not want to be like the 10 spies who did not receive all because they could not believe. Now though, the truth of this word may hurt now, it’s only to bring about healing that we may deal with the root and going forward there IS a faith-filled environment for the Heavenly Father to work in.

It’s my prayer that this word shared here would be what causes there to be a greater producing in our lives. It’s a conversation I myself had with Holy Spirit as the light was shone upon my heart at one time and in this, I was able to see the truth. Yet, once I saw it, I chose to pursue to have greater faith such that my lack would not be the cause of me not receiving what the Father intended. For those of you who are in this same situation as I once was, it’s my prayer that you too, see the breakthrough as you allow the Father to reveal and heal. Amen.

Mark 9:24 reads: Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”


All Rights Reserved © Sepia Gladden

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