The Cycle and Breaking Free!

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The Cycle


Here I will share with you, real talk from my past

The cycle

Hurting, searching, and at times, just out right desperate

Wanting and desiring for my void to be filled

Wanting for this constant longing inside of me to be killed


You know… that desire of just wanting to have someone to truly love you until…

Yes, someone to just love you for who you are

Who will be there permanently instead of only temporal


So you know what? I decided to go after that in which I thought I wanted

Yet, only to find out, after the pleasure expired

The person I was with is gone…

Thus, for me, there I am left with a piece of my heart stolen

Left in a state of complete mass confusion

Cause you see, it makes absolutely no earthly sense to me

How something which once started out as so perfect only ended up to be so ruined

Therefore, I’m left disappointed, devastated and in a state of depression

Where if the truth were to be told, I can’t even shake

Why, cause those soul ties are almost impossible to break.



Though hurt once again, I say, how I will absolutely NEVER

Allow myself to experience that type of unnecessary drama

But then… there he is and once again, my guard goes down

And in only a matter of time, guess what?

I am right back where I started, held captive in this repetitive cycle

In other words, I constantly found myself in the same situations

It’s just that, this one had a different face, with a different name

But the end result, was the exact same, with NO change

Then once the relationship was over, I felt used, emotionally

Abused, with just more and more wasted time

Asking myself, how in the world did I end up back in this same ole, same ole?

Yet that’s when I heard… “It’s identified as the cycle” and after many years of being in that cycle I came to realize that this cycle, is not broken by human ability, but that, it truly takes us surrendering our lives unto Christ that He can then do supernaturally what NO man, can do.

Now, if you already have a relationship with Christ but yet, have found yourself in this situation, being the cycle, I’d like to encourage you to DO repent whole heartily, choose to turn away from your way, to the Lord’s way. Such that, you too, can walk in freedom from this cycle and it be a thing of your past.

Thank you Father, for breaking this cycle in my life and doing the same for those who are tired of taking this road which leads to nothing but heartache, lost time, and destruction. Amen.

All Rights Reserved  Sepia Gladden

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