If We Only Knew…


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If We Only Knew…

Many of times, because of our limited view and at times only focusing on what we see quite often, as a result of our wait and what we consider at times to be delay, we end up responding in disbelief, frustration, anger, complaints etc. but IF WE ONLY KNEW…

If only we could see things from His perspective, which would allow us to see the whole picture, opposed to only the part we often see due to seeing things with only our sight verses His.
Yet, if only we knew…what the Father was up to, and how His hand is and has always been at work orchestrating and aligning things to manifest, in His divine order and way then, I prophetically tell you how many of us would repent and literally weep as a result, to our guilt of simply, not trusting.

Not trusting, that He was in control, and actively working upon our behalf all along. Yes, we’d have a GREAT sorrow almost, to the extent of the remorse of what Peter had as a result, to denying that he knew Jesus.

Yes, if only we knew, opposed to having a pity party in our heart, we’d instead, have a foolish to the eye, extreme, praise fest toward our Father out of complete gratitude because of knowing, not only is He faithful, but He is also, always RIGHT on time.

Please know beloved, you are NOT forgotten and on those days where either the enemy of your soul, and or simply yourself, tries to cause you to believe the lies, it’s my prayer, you’ll choose to believe, and that the lie would have NO weight or value.

This way, the Father will have no lost time and/or should I say, no more lost time of receiving that in which, He’s so worthy to receive from you, being adoration, love, worship, intimacy etc. And also, such, that you’d have NO regrets, while in that in between place from either, not receiving the promise due to lack of faith, and or only receiving it because of His grace and mercy.

In truth, some of us, have unknowingly, become like the spies located in Numbers 13, who came back and complained saying how, they were not able to take the land that the Lord had clearly told them was already theirs, but yet, this spoke based upon what they SAW, opposed to what the Father said, was so. Now, many of us think at times, we’re like Joshua and Caleb, who were granted the blessedness to go into the promise land because of their faith, but when it really comes down to it, and the Father looks into the inner depths of our hearts quite frankly, for some, He only sees disbelief opposed to faith.

Yet, to have disbelief is a very serious thing, since it can cause the Father to say, as He did with the Israelites, that because they did not trust Him, choosing to believe the impossible then they’d not enter the Promise Land, and only their seed would.

And since I know, this is something, none of us would like to see happen to us, we just want to make certain our heart posture before the Lord, is not one of disbelief and that we no longer say to the Lord, “Don’t you see how old I am, don’t you see how there are many men caught up in this and that, don’t you see the lack of men out here in the world, don’t you see how I’m not in a convenient place to meet a man like the world and some of the church tells me I ought to be, don’t you see how I’m not ready” and I could go on and on with Lord don’t you see…

We have to realize, we MUST constantly guard not only, our mouth and what we allow to come out of it, since the word says, we have death and life in the power of our tongue and those who love it will eat of its fruit but, most importantly, we as well, have to guard our thoughts.

For if we don’t begin to become militant with our thoughts, by bringing every thought into captivity, to the obedience of Christ and pulling down strongholds and everything high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ, then that could be disastrous for us

Therefore let’s choose to put in the work that’s required, in order, for our faith to grow such that, ultimately, we believe and receive ALL Father would have for us, opposed to not. And where we are weak in our faith that we sincerely cry out unto the Lord, for Him to DO help our unbelief.

Please read Numbers chapters 13 and 14 in its entirety because there is so much revelation to be discovered there about what I shared here.

Scribed By Sepia Gladden

Founder of Set Apart International Ministries

©All Rights Reserved

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