My Testimonal

InterW.O.V.E.N Letter
“Delight in Waiting” ~ Singles

I shared my testimony at an WOVEN event I attended not long ago and wanted to share it as well with you, in hopes of it blessing you as it did others.

Dear Women Of Virtue Empowered NOW,

I remember the time when I was a “single lady”. I would put The Father on my calendar on a consistent basis. Yes, this was a special time in my life where we would spend Friday nights together, during which time I would SOLEY focus on the Lord. I would pray, worship, listen to the Lord, read His Word, and write as I reflected upon the HIS goodness. This was a time, out of many, where I purposefully invested into my relationship with The Lover of My Soul, in a private ONE on ONE way.

At that time, I lived with my parents and I’d place a sign on my door that would let everybody know I was in prayer and to request that I not be interrupted. I also fasted, setting aside eating food so that the fullness of my being could be attentive to HIM. Despite the sweet aroma of the southern cuisine cooking in the house, and the onlookers comments, “Are you sure you don’t want to eat. You are going to get sick and surely it does not take all that”, I found satisfaction in stealing away on my One of kind Divine dating experience with The Father. I recall turning down e-vitas and calls from friends to singles events, and getting my fair share of other offers to join the crowds, I put a premium on my time with The Lord. I determined to be “set-apart”.

I share this with such emphasis because the devil deploys distraction, delusion and derailing tactics regularly to lead us into temptation. Admittedly, the temptations were strong; BUT, Yah! HE gave me the strength to resist the many forms of temptation. Sacrifice and self-denial is an understatement when you’re single, waiting for what seems to be an eternity for Mr. Right, but staying in Our Father’s Presence, loving on Him and allowing HIM to love on you is the safest and most rewarding place you can find yourself.

Waiting is not sufficient. Waiting WELL is the higher call from Our Father’s Heart to yours! Waiting WELL means “seeking ye first the kingdom of YHWH and HIS righteousness and “ALL things”shall be added unto you.’ (Matthew 6:33) Waiting well means not hustling, contriving, online searching or finagling to find a mate. I can attest that HIS Word is true. In my waiting well, I was being delivered (set free) from so much bondage in my life. All the while, HE was preparing the “ALL things” to be given unto me. My “ALL things” came in his appointed time, – The Father’s chosen mate for my life. And now over a decade later, I’m still enjoying dating – Divinely with My Heavenly Father and devoutly with my husband.

Another pay off of waiting well is that when you are given your “ALL Things”, that man won’t become an idol. This, in fact, is a very easy thing to do when our priorities are not in proper order. There is no tolerance for idols, for YHWH is truly a jealous Elohim, and HE desires and deserves to have first place in our lives.

We serve A REAL Elohim – ONE who loves REAL AUTHENTIC attention from us; and love given to HIM “with ALL our heart, mind, soul, and strength (Mark 12:30). Yes! You CAN WAIT Well!

InterW.O.V.E.N with Love,

Sepia Gladden
Founder of Set Apart International Ministries

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